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Summer in Miami is great, but lets be real, it can HOT.  Sometimes we just need to get away for a bit and even RedBike instructors need time off the bike.  Check out what Albert, Adam, Amy & Reed are up to this summer…

Instructor Albert


I don’t get to take time off very much, but when I do (no matter how old I get) I love a good Family Vacation.  Earlier the month I went to the Bahamas with my parents, siblings, and my new 5-month-old niece, Ayla.  Sometimes I also like to pretend I’m badass, like in the photo in which I’m petting a shark that came to the back of our boat.  Don’t worry guys, its only a nurse shark no Jaws!


As a 5th grade teacher, besides my awesome students, SUMMER is the best perk! This summer I’m catching up on some much needed R&R 💤, spending time with family ❤️, taking a few trips around the U.S. ✈️,working on my tan 👙 and of course- my playlists! 🎶 🚴🏻‍♀️

Instructor Amy
Instructor Adam


Summer is usually supposed to be relaxed. But for me, Summer is my busy season at the hospital. Taking advantage of the weekends are important to me (which is why I’m not scheduled to teach on the weekends.) I try as much as possible to get some Vitamin D and enjoy the outdoors. I’m taking a few short weekend trips this Summer to take my mind off of work and to refresh my body so that I am ready to go for the spin grind!


This summer was a blast!! My husband and I went back to Fire Island for the 2nd time!!  We also did a 4 day pit stop in NYC right after.   I caught up with a lot of my NYC friends and definitely recharged to bring some heat back on the bike!   Didn’t work out a single day over those 10 days of vaycay, so ready to get some good sweats!  We also went to the Wendy Show one of our guilty pleasures and sat front row!

Instructor Reed
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