Spin Story: Sisters That Spin Together Win Together

Sisters, Jennifer and Karina Heegard, do everything together. Naturally, that soon extended to RedBike when Jennifer introduced her sister to the classes almost a year ago, just as Karina was starting  her “weight loss journey” in January 2017.

 She started controlling her diet and riding at RedBike regularly: often doing double classes on Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM.  Though Karina is a full time CPA and mom she used all her precious free time at RedBike and one year later she can proudly proclaim that she has lost a whopping, wait for it…..70 lbs

Kudos to Karina!!!  She is looking amazing these days and together with her sister they’ve proven that you can lose weight, get healthy and have fun while doing it 🙂

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