Sisters who spin together win together

redBike Sisters

1. How did you discover RedBike?

E: My friend Kali Knight (shout out) and I were looking for a place to workout other than a gym.  It was in 2016 when we tried it out for the first time in Brickell. In 2017 I wanted to get back into working out after a long hiatus from the exercising world, but I finally started and  I haven’t been able to stop since.

M: I first heard about RedBike Aventura when you guys opened, but I was leaving for vacation so I didn’t sign up. But then I started to see my sister’s amazing results,  it motivated me to join.  Then January 2018 came around and what better New Year’s Resolution, am I right? totally original.  But I’ve been going ever since, and now i’m seeing those results too!!

2.  What do you like about RedBike?

E: Redbike makes you work hard, and gives you an amazing full body work out. In 45 min you get a workout that actually works and time flies because you’re having fun the whole time.  Also the amenities are great. Showers, lockers, shoes, hair ties, mints (shout out Eryca)  and now cold eucalyptus towels  post work out and Suja cold-pressed juices.

M: I love that its “me” time and for those 45 mins all the other “stuff” doesn’t exist.   I’ve signed up to other gyms and other programs and the way they treat you here is not like any other place. They know your name, they know you and ask about how you’re doing, it’s like an actual redpack family!

3. Do you compete or work as a team? Do you motivate each other?

E: Riding together definitely helps, you definitely motivate each other to go.  When we’re there we ride together…I think? What did Mica say?

M: I personally like going together to compete, even though I feel like Eliana doesn’t lol.  When we are next to each other and we see each other slowing down we push each other to stay out of the saddle in position 3 for just a little while longer.

4. Who are you wearing?

E: All sports bra, black greaser leggings

M: mesh black leggings and blue sports bra by RedBike, hoodie also by RedBike.

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