RedBlog: How RedBike Instructors Fuel Their Morning Rides

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We know waking up early and crushing that 6 or 7am ride requires commitment. Knowing how to fuel yourself properly before class is half the battle. So, we asked some of our rockstar instructors how they get ready to crush their morning rides, here’s what they said…



A few hours before class, I always drink coffee. I usually fuel myself before class with things that won’t weigh me down. A handful of nuts, an apple or banana, and if I’m on the go I’ll grab a CLIF Bar.  After class my go-to is a Chocolate Sunday Acai Bowl, courtesy of Redboost.




So if I have to teach in the morning, I usually try to ride with an empty stomach to get into my caloric deficit. Getting into that deficit makes it easier to not only burn excess fat, but also makes controlling your calorie intake simpler. Though, if I teach later in the afternoon, I try to keep my intake light, maybe a protein bar or fruit, something that has a moderate amount of carbs to give me the appropriate amount of energy for class! 🙂



I usually do a double shot of espresso before class and a little fruit. There has been research done that shows you burn more when you’ve had coffee before a workout. Check out this article here.

5 Ways Coffee Intensifies your Workout.

It also gets me focused on my goals for class. Food wise I have a banana or I like having a dirty detox after class as well from Redboost. It has ginger and antioxidants which help fuel the rest of my day.


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