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 “It’s a great time to be alive”. – I tell myself when my mind wanders off somewhere and I catch myself staring at people who are lost scrolling though Social Media, even when they have what they love most, right in front of them.


This is the main downside of this era of hyper connectivity we’re living, but the perks are on the other hand, quite amazing!


Social Media has taken away our privacy and the mystery of certain things, but it has also given women all over the globe a space to voice out their opinions.  Issues that where otherwise traditionally silenced, now allow us connect with other like minded women with different time zones.


When I’m about to complain again about how disrespectful people have become with their phones or how invasive advertising is nowadays… I stop myself and remember, that the great and unexpected ways Social Media has benefited the female gender, had to come with a high price.


Today, there are many extraordinary female movements that were born through social media and help to match women with similar interests, challenges, life situations and needs.


Not only is this time great to be alive because of the freedom we have to express ourselves, but because we have more opportunities to become leaders and positive influencers in specific circles and micro communities. 


Today we can pursue our goals, share our opinions, dare to be different and embrace our own unique ways – boldly, fierce fully and wholeheartedly. We can inspire other women to do the same, to dare to be themselves and to step out without fear, from the traditional gender roles that have been imposed to us.


You know how they say: “Behind every man there is a great woman behind him”?  Well, that works just as well for about everything… Never forget that! 


Here at Red Bike, we care about what us women want, about how we feel and about helping each and every one of us get through the pain to achieve our goals.  


We want to empower you physically and mentally, because there’s a true warrior inside each and every one of us, we just need to wake that warrior up!


Next time you see another girl right beside you in the saddle…wink one eye or give her a smile! We’re all on the same ride here.


We need to keep daring to be femme & fierce and we need to remember: “It’s a great time to be alive”.

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