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So much is said about the different ways to look good during the summer, but little is said about designing a strategy that goes beyond a season and focuses more on feeling better than looking good. These little changes in our intentions go a long way!  I started RedBike in October last year.  The new spinning shop had opened in my neighborhood and I had to try it! Although I was never too much into spinning, it seemed cool and I kinda wanted to belong somewhere nice, where I could also meet new people and have the whole “Miami fitness experience”.  I noticed immediately that spinning made me sweat like no other exercise. The lights, the music, the themed rides and the instructors helped me stay motivated.  After every class, I felt very energized and a little more proud of myself.  During the first two months, I detoxed and gained strength for what was coming next.

Fast forward one month; I moved to New York for my dream job at an Ad Agency where I worked 16 hours a day and went out every night, nonstop.  This, of course, took a toll on my health and the way I looked.  I was eating bagels for breakfast, pizza for lunch and beer for dinner on a daily basis plus all the coffee that I was chugging to survive the pace of The Big City.  It had been all ups and downs for me for way too long and I was desperately looking for a major change in my life and in my health. After 3 months,  I came back to Miami, joined RedBike again and have been going to class every day since April.  I’ve lost more than 8 pounds, I feel great, I’m sleeping better than ever.  More than just losing weight, I’ve gained strength, resistance and I’ve leaned down so much.  All that sluggishness went away and I’m just a happier person in general.

All of the instructors I’ve reached out for questions and advice have taken the time and have been really honest about everything. Not to sound corny but I feel RedBike is like a little family I now belong to.  If I have a shitty day, it’s comforting to know I can go ride and sweat it off.  Now I’m reading and researching more about nutrition, health and planning my meals and my days around my rides.  I’m learning to know myself more, to love myself more and I’m excited to see more changes in my body.  The truth is one thing leads to another.  My advice to anyone who wants to make a change in their body is to start.  Being active, taking care of yourself and moving your body to good music has A-MAZING effects on your body and you won’t regret it.  It’s not complicated.  Summer is a small motivation if you want longlasting changes.  If you want to look good for summer and that helps you get started! By all means, go for it! But remember, true changes stick when you have long-term goals and deeper motivations.  Once you find that, it’s all good!  Be consistent. Show up for class and once there, give it all you’ve got!

Written by @oddralacs

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