Introducing Jess, Jamie & Michelle

Jessica and Jamie
Michelle and Jessica


Pictured left, Michelle has rocked the podium everywhere from Chicago to London, but Miami is her favorite place to tap it back! With a love for music and all things Beyonce, her high energy class is sure to get you dancing out of your seat & riding out of your comfort zone.

Michelle’s a former Division I athlete at Brown University and current UM med student, so she’ll be sure to help you find your inner athlete as you spin your way towards your health and fitness goals.


Born and raised in Miami, Jess (pictured right) conquers the instructor stage with her magnetic personality and boundless energy. She discovered RedBike–first as an avid student, then an enthusiastic trainee, and eventually as you see her today: a dynamic, rock-star instructor.

Jess’s passion for fitness and fun make every spin class feel like your own personal dance party. Expect to jam out to Hip Hop, R&B (she shares Michelle’s Beyonce obsession) and some Reggaeton too!



The newest, baddest addition to the Instructor team, Jamie Maitland, hails from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A career that began in hospitality, shifted to fitness, and eventually led to her opening her own spin studio. She brings her passion and her love for indoor cycling all the way to RedBike Aventura.

Jamie loves the dark spin-room, disconnecting from every day life, and bringing all of her students along for the ride. But don’t be fooled, her background as a personal trainer shows in what we promise is one of the toughest spin classes you’ll ever take.

Last but certainly not least, Jamie’s a child of the 90s and it shows in her totally original playlists. Expect to hear old school, new school, and everything under the sun, in what is the most fun you’ll have on a bike!

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