Why “Diet Plans” Need to DIE

Food Fads: So you think DIETS are the answer?


Bah! (that’s me begging to differ with you), and here’s why-

Let us first bring to light that the first 3 letters in the word spell the word D-I-E….which is ironic given that’s exactly what needs to happen with them, because long term THEY DON’T EVER WORK!

The fact that we keep killing ourselves with quick gimmicks only to find that we bounce back twice as bad should be the only indication we would ever need to realize there has to be a better way….

and here is the good news THERE IS!

Its called  the science of (drum roll please….)

MORE  of the right Macros in YOU = LESS FAT on you!

Yup, I said it.  Let me lay down some facts for you on how and why this method will work long term.

FIT FACT 1– you need to fix your metabolism!  not starve it!

keeping it simple, you are likely spending most of the day not eating enough and by the end of the day you end up consuming more than your tummy can handle! If you choose a more balanced approach and eat every few hours, you will decrease the likelihood of bad or lazy food decisions and biting off more than you can chew ( see what I did just there lol).

Eating every few hours is also a good rule because you won’t have as many mood swings or insulin spikes , sound familiar?  Ok great now lets get to the main course….

FIT FACT 2 – Training too much and not eating enough will result in LESS LEAN TISSUE= SLOWER METABOLISM.

To keep it simple without getting into a scientific tangent , when you train you are breaking down muscle tissue, and  in order to repair , recover, and see those “toned results” you crave, you need to EAT!

This is one of the reasons protein shakes are so famous post-training because the enzymes are already broken down so that means better recovery, more lean tissue, faster metabolism, and one step closer to your lean mean fat burning machine!  Now go EAT!

FIT FACT 3– Hydration nation!! You NEED to be drinking more water!  Every cell in your body will thank you for being hydrated, and in turn all of your bodily functions will IMPROVE!  This includes anything from your neural Drive (how your noggin operates) to strength, energy levels, and mood enhancement! That’s right you could be a Debbie Downer today simply because you are NOT hydrated!


The Takeaway:

The reason YOU are frustrated is because you keep trying these Fad Diet’s with Broken Promises….you can’t escape the real factual science that says your body NEEDS nutrients to function, burn fat, give you brain power and more….and a green tea diet pill that keeps you “full” all day is not the  answer 😉 So Lets Feed our bodies to fuel it’s functions and continue to Commit to Fit RedPack!


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