Commit to Fit Week 1: Measure Matters

img_5877Redbike’s Coach Mo On: The Scale 

It’s a love- hate relationship and we all know it.  So here’s the skinny (Pun intended) on the Scale, and why a Digital Scale is much better than one that ONLY Tells you the weight…. I’m going to break down below what each Metric Means and which numbers should actually matter to you…

Weight- This number is just a range for you so DO NOT FREAK OUT! You’ve heard the saying muscle weighs more than fat, right?  Well, what you aren’t likely factoring in, is that “weight” also includes some of the following…

SPOILER ALERT:   YOU HAVE  TO STAY TUNED for our NEW Blog to find out more! See what we did there? But we won’t leave you in the dark Red Pack… Here’s the Basics you need to know now:

BMI- “ Body Mass Index” – Simply Put it is: a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters…. So your relation to height and weight…

Body Fat-  Measurement which directly calculates a person’s body composition without relevance to height or weight.  Now here is where you want to pay attention!  

Body Type: This is the “category” that your measuring tool will use to categorize your health and/or Fitness Level.  Some Categories I have seen on Various Digital Scales Range from –


Under Active Active Very Muscular OverWeight
Thin Muscular Solidly Built Obese


Visceral Fat –PAY ATTENTION HERE this is different than ‘normal’ fat.   Visceral fat is stored deeper in the skin and is most commonly known as the “ belly fat” or “stubborn fat”.  Why it’s extremely important? (Stay Tuned for our blog )…

Body Water – Let’s keep this one easy- the TOTAL amount of Fluid in our bodies.  

Muscle Mass – The amount of muscle that your body contains.  

Bone Mass – The amount of weight your bone minerals take up.

BMR- Basal Metabolic Rate: How much your body burns at rest, not including physical activity.  

Metabolic Age – This is a Category that Factors in mostly your BMR (depending on the measuring Tool), but can sometimes include other results.

So Now you know what matter’s and what doesn’t.  The saying goes “we have to know where we ARE to know where we are going”, so make sure you check in THIS WEEK!  Happy Riding Redpack!


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