RedBlog: Jamie’s 5 Riding Mistakes

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Not adjusting your bike properly It is crucial to have your settings and seat height adjusted properly, this can make or break your ride! Stand on the left side of the saddle and make sure the seat is aligned with your hip bone. Handle bars should be adjusted to where you are able to have a slight bend in your elbows. If you feel like you are falling forward chances are your handle bars need to be brought closer to you OR your seat may be too far back, be sure to check both your SEAT and HANDLE bar settings before you begin your ride. Legs should comfortably extend with every pedal stroke without having your knees lock out, IF they are this means you need to lower your seat a bit. Keep your hands relaxed when riding and heels down, ALWAYS!


Not using enough resistance The red knob in the center of the bike is where you add and take off resistance, to get a better idea I go on a base of 1-10, 1 being a flat road and 10 being your highest hill. Our classes at RedBike are meant to challenge you so if you feel a burning sensation in your legs, this is good! Haha, if you are in pain, take the resistance down a bit. Don’t over think this, everyone is at different riding levels, you know what your body can handle so use your best judgment.


thinking that you must follow the instructor when you’re not ready Riding to the beat and keeping up with the instructor is highly encouraged however, by all means go at your own pace. If some songs throughout the ride challenge you beyond your fitness level, take a breather and join back in when your ready. Our instructors at RedBike do not call out riders if their sitting or taking a break, making anyone feel uncomfortable or singled out is not what we are about. Do you, everyone is at different fitness levels.


You go to hard in the beginning Pace yourself… the first song is for you to get acquainted with the bike and to make sure your body is in the correct position. Remember there are a lot of benefits to riding the whole 45 minutes: 1) calories start burning after 20 minutes, 2) strength is built by perseverance 3) confidence is achieved when you pedal to the end of the class 4) muscles get defined after countless repetition. Don’t rush it!


You’re missing the point by not having fun Relax, its just spin. “You can’t follow the beat? You missed a tap-back? Must sit down after a long run? CHILL, its just spin! It gets easier every class you take so if your first two were rough, STICK WITH IT. “Anything worth while takes time”. Our night club-esque spin room was designed to help you check out from the world for 45 minutes all while getting an effective workout, keep an open mind, your body may surprise you with what it can do given the right environment.Jamie

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